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Leadership Is Taken, Not Given – Part 3: Execution and Closeout

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In our last post, we introduced the concept of Defining Moments for projects and their leaders. Unlike in life, they are predictable–they arise at certain points, or “hotspots,” of projects.

We’ve already covered the hotspots pertaining to planning, but as the ancient saying goes, “A mediocre strategy well executed is better than a great strategy poorly executed.” As such, this post will demonstrate effective leadership during the Execution and Closeout phases of a project. (more…)

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Negotiation Tips for Project Managers

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Project Managers As Negotiators

In a lot of ways, a project manager’s success is tied to their abilities as a negotiator. Projects start out so nebulous that even when they go smoothly, it will involve negotiating a lot of gray area. But it’s when the plan doesn’t easily become reality—when things aren’t going as expected—when negotiation skills are truly necessary. There’s a triple constraint of time, cost and scope, so when something has to give, it takes a good bargainer to find a compromise that keep everyone happy.


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