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Project Execution Challenges: Managing the Project Plan and Schedule

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In our last series, we covered the challenges and solutions to project strategy. This series will cover the challenges and solutions to project execution. Today, we will discuss the challenges around the plan and schedule.

The project manager should spend the duration of the project tracking variances and adjusting the plan and schedule accordingly. (more…)

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Simple Ways to Optimize Your Project Plan in MS Project

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The process of ensuring that resources are realistically scheduled in your work plan is referred to as load leveling. When you level the planned load for your resources, you may have to balance several factors. These include:

  • The amount of work a resource can do in a time period (e.g. Hours per day)
  • The sequence of tasks in the project as defined by dependencies
  • The skills required to perform particular tasks
  • The expected timeline for the project
  • The utilization rate for the resources.

Typically you will have to trade off some of these factors to arrive at the “best” schedule for your particular project.  As we covered in our last post on Resource Workload Information, this means that you will have to check and adjust information across multiple views. (more…)

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