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Presenting: New Project Staffing White Paper

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We are thrilled to announce the release of our third white paper this year, this time on project management staffing.  As always, we wanted to give our loyal followers of this blog the first crack at this valuable content.

This comprehensive paper demonstrates a multi-tiered approach to project staffing, including an in-depth look at the best practices for the talent acquisition layer.  Also included is a guide to picking the appropriate staffing partner.

Click here to receive your copy of Getting Beyond PMPs: Best Practices to Find, Select, and On-board Excellent Project Leaders.

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Getting Beyond PMPs and Staffing Excellent Project Leaders

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Traditional staffing firms are tried-and-true at placing professionals into technical roles, but a different approach is needed to place project managers. PMP certified skills are enough to make a candidate qualified on paper, but the soft skills and nuances that allows project managers to fit in an organization and excel as leaders require expertise beyond most staffing firms.

A multi-tiered approach is necessary to find, acquire, and adopt talent into an organization to ensure success. (more…)

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A Project Leader Isn’t a Gallon of Milk: How a Commodity Approach to Staffing Costs Organizations Time, Money and Morale

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Far too many organizations treat staffing project leaders like they treat grocery shopping. So long as a staffing company is providing them with a bevy of resumes with competitive prices and a good return policy, many organizations are content to shop there.

The problem is that, unlike with a gallon of milk, quality varies when shopping for project managers, and choosing the wrong product costs an organization’s time, dollars, morale, and efficiency. The impact of a poor hire is multiplied when it occurs at such a crucial position as a project manager.


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