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Project Assistants to Deliver Two-Day Online Training on Microsoft Project

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Project Assistants Develops Web-Based Solution for Improved Methodology Sharing and Collaboration

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Project Assistants recently worked with a Professional Services client who had the unwieldy challenge of applying a methodology to 25+ solution offerings, involving 6,000+ engagements, 6+ languages, and thousands of delivery consultants dispersed over 54 countries and 4 continents. The client needed to improve its governance by building a better approach to develop, govern, and render their solution methods across the organization.

Our initial efforts to follow a traditional path for methodology development experienced significant challenges. It quickly became obvious that the typical methodology development approaches–Spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations–would not be practical. A much more effective solution for managing this amount of content was to develop a flexible, relational database solution that could collect, store, read, and render a methodology in the variety of formats that this type of information needs to be developed and distributed.


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View from the Top: 2013 Trends and 2014 Outlooks

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Project Assistants CEO Gus Cicala will write semi-monthly contributions for the blog that provide his view of what is going on in the world of project management and what it might mean for your organization.

January is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the realities of the past year and plan to apply those lessons to the upcoming year.  And 2014 looks to be a transitionary year.  With the dizzying rate of change in this IT age, we can no longer track business culture in terms of generations or even decades, but half decades.  As such, 2014 marks the last year of the first half of the 2010s, and in many ways, it will usher in the next era.

So let’s take this opportunity to look at several of the biggest trends of 2013 and determine what it will mean for project management moving forward.

2013 Trend: The global economy has seen an uptick, returning us a bit closer to the mean. (more…)

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