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Project Assistants Develops Web-Based Solution for Improved Methodology Sharing and Collaboration

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Project Assistants recently worked with a Professional Services client who had the unwieldy challenge of applying a methodology to 25+ solution offerings, involving 6,000+ engagements, 6+ languages, and thousands of delivery consultants dispersed over 54 countries and 4 continents. The client needed to improve its governance by building a better approach to develop, govern, and render their solution methods across the organization.

Our initial efforts to follow a traditional path for methodology development experienced significant challenges. It quickly became obvious that the typical methodology development approaches–Spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations–would not be practical. A much more effective solution for managing this amount of content was to develop a flexible, relational database solution that could collect, store, read, and render a methodology in the variety of formats that this type of information needs to be developed and distributed.


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