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Project Assistants Develops Web-Based Solution for Improved Methodology Sharing and Collaboration

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Project Assistants recently worked with a Professional Services client who had the unwieldy challenge of applying a methodology to 25+ solution offerings, involving 6,000+ engagements, 6+ languages, and thousands of delivery consultants dispersed over 54 countries and 4 continents. The client needed to improve its governance by building a better approach to develop, govern, and render their solution methods across the organization.

Our initial efforts to follow a traditional path for methodology development experienced significant challenges. It quickly became obvious that the typical methodology development approaches–Spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations–would not be practical. A much more effective solution for managing this amount of content was to develop a flexible, relational database solution that could collect, store, read, and render a methodology in the variety of formats that this type of information needs to be developed and distributed.


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Resource Management: The Keystone of Project Management and Portfolio Management

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Organizations are beginning to recognize the comprehensive power that Resource Management has for addressing how to manage projects and project portfolios.

To put it simply, the daily operations of an organization revolve around executing initiatives to achieve the corporate vision. There are two criteria for meeting that end: doing the right projects and doing the projects right. Doing the right projects is the goal of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and doing the projects right is the goal of Project Management. These two entities, then, are the foundational basis for accomplishing the mission of your organization.

What makes Resource Management so powerful is that it lies at the heart of both PPM and Project Management. (more…)

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