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Presenting: New Leadership White Paper

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We are excited to announce the release of yet another white paper, this time on project leadership.  Leadership Is Taken, Not Given is the culmination of a series of content that got Project Assistants CEO, Gus Cicala, selected to be a contributing author to The Keys to Our Success, selected as the keynote speaker for ProjectSummit 2015, and that inspired two workshops on project leadership: one for project leaders and another for executives.

Now, the key elements of each of these books, talks, and programs have been condensed into a white paper, and we are providing it for free to our loyal blog followers.

Click here to receive your copy of Leadership Is Taken, Not Given: Defining Moments for Projects and Their Managers.

To see our white paper on the Enterprise PMO, click here.

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How to Do Project Management Staffing Right

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As the economy recovers, capital spend is returning to perform more projects, increasing the demand for qualified project resources.  Unfortunately, leadership for these new projects and programs cannot always come from within.  The organization may be unable to secure long-term funding for full-time employees and so have to seek out contract work, or the internal staff might simply not have the necessary skills or experience available for critical roles.

When seeking outside talent, a myriad of common challenges arise, including unrealistic timelines, unclear requirements, and process gaps between the organization and its staffing partner.  But far and away the biggest challenge when staffing project managers is an overemphasis on technical skills for a leadership position. (more…)

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