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Top 5 Products Affected by Trump’s New Tariffs That Will Disrupt Big Business

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This week President Donald Trump announced $200 billion worth of tariffs that will be effective in August, as part of an escalating trade war with China. The administration unveiled the products affected in a 200-page list that begins with “Edible offal of bovine animals, fresh or chilled” and ends with “Antiques of an age exceeding one hundred years.”

While the overwhelming majority may seem like mundane, retail products that affect the common consumer more than big business, there are many major items to take note of. We’re here to sift through this gargantuan, often incomprehensible list to give you the products most relevant to big business. (more…)

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How PMOs Save Troubled CIOs

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In a world where 68% of all Information Technology (IT) projects fail, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are accountable for one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. Accordingly, CIOs have some of the shortest tenures among any executive position.

The reason many organizations are not able to deliver on these mission-critical initiatives is because of an ineffective Project Management Office (PMO). (more…)

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Agile Webinar Set for February 26th

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Agile methodologies have been hyped as the silver bullet for IT delivery solutions as it builds its track record for success in the world of increasingly customer-focused deliveries. But Agile is often seen as incompatible with project management. Traditional project management prescribes a defined budget, deadline, and scope starting points, whereas agile encourages a non-prescriptive, amendable approach to getting to an endpoint. But the two can, in fact, be brought together in a usable way.

On Wednesday, February 26th, Project Assistants’ first installment of the 2014 Webinar Series will address this issue in Taming the Beast: Bringing Project Management and Agile to a Peaceful Coexistence Methodologies. (more…)

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What’s New in Microsoft Project 2013? Part 3: Changes for Backend Users

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Earlier this year, Microsoft released Microsoft Project 2013. Today we conclude our in-depth coverage on each of the most important feature updates. In Part 1, we we introduced the high-level changes to Microsoft Project 2013 and provided a detailed look at Project Online in the Microsoft Cloud. In Part 2, we covered the extensive changes that have been made to the Reporting features, which is the most important change that has been made for front-end users.

While many consider Microsoft Project 2013 to be a light update in terms of the features and functionality, there’s no shortage of changes and updates that are important for administrators and IT departments. (more…)

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