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Project Execution Challenges: Meeting the Original Business Case

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In our last series, we covered the challenges and solutions to project strategy. This series will cover the challenges and solutions to project execution. Today, we will discuss the challenges around the initial specifications and ongoing governance of the business case.

The most important element of a successful project is meeting the business case and original scope of the project. (more…)

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View from the Top: How Harmony Solves Organizational Enigmas

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Project Assistants CEO Gus Cicala will write semi-monthly contributions for the blog that provide his view of what is going on in the world of project management and what it might mean for your organization.

Two of the most frequently quoted business aphorisms are seemingly at odds with each other. Steven Covey prioritizes strategy with his famous quote, “Begin with the end in mind.” But that seems to contradict the saying, “A mediocre strategy well executed is better than a great strategy poorly executed,” which has all-but been business’ battle cry of the century. So which is it? (more…)

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How Does an Organization Change and Innovate?

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It isn’t just about math and science anymore. It’s about creativity, imagination, and, above all, innovation. Organizations cannot compete on cost alone; innovation is CEO’s #1 priority.”

-Business Week Special Report

As the above quote demonstrates, the industry trend has transitioned from the knowledge economy to the innovation economy. In our last post, we demonstrated that adaptability is the key trait for organizations to survive turbulent times. But change and innovation aren’t just a simple “choice.” Many organizations have tried to implement changes, only to see no improvements. Others have been convinced of the importance of change, but remain fearful that they’ll cause a revolution instead of an evolution. Still others have decided to focus on innovation and are left with the question: “Now what?”

This post brings good news to those organizations. There is a formal method for change (more…)

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