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Project Execution Solutions: Process

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The critical elements of successful project execution are People, Process, Technology, and Governance. Success is consistently delivered when all of these dimensions are well defined, fully implemented, well-managed, and fully adopted. They must be both adopted individually and integrated together to enable each other for success.

We saved Process for last because the most important part of Process isn’t a solution unto itself, but rather a wrapper around the other solution areas.

The execution process relies on the side-by-side processes of lifecycle and project management, as shown below:

Project Execution Layer of pyramid

Project management provides a set of “business control” processes that enable the project manager to deliver a project to an “on-time” and “on-budget” completion. The project management process tends to be fairly similar in a broad variety of project types, regardless of the project lifecycle management methods that are used to deliver the project.

The deliverables of a project are conceived, designed, developed and tested through project lifecycle management processes that typically vary widely across many different industries. These project lifecycles document the processes that ultimately become the project tasks that need to be performed to complete the project with “high-quality” (i.e., “on specification”).

The following illustration shows some project lifecycles that are common in the world of project management. This illustration is provided to show how these lifecycles conceptually fit into the overall environment in which projects typically occur.

Lifecycle Management verticles

For these customized processes, The Process needs to drive the People, Technology and Governance (and not the other way around). This will ensure each dimension is integrated and enabling each other toward the corporate strategy, which informs the Organizational Goals, Vision, and Mission.

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