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The Central Resource Management Metrics and Concepts

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A question we frequently find at conferences is “How are other companies implementing resource management?” This is a broad question that we could not possibly cover in a single post, but we thought a helpful starting point would be to delve into the fundamental metrics, terms and considerations used in resource management. In the interest of working from the ground up, this will serve as useful reference material for when we move into deeper theory. (more…)

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Optimal Resource Management vs. Using the Gantt Chart

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In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of Resource Management, even going as far as to call it “the Holy Grail.” This begs the question: if optimal Resource Management is so effective, then why is it not implemented ubiquitously?

To help guide you through the decision of what process to use in your Project and Portfolio Management, we’ve outlined the Pros and Cons of sticking with the status quo of the Gantt Chart versus adopting a more rigorous approach. (more…)

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Resource Management: The Keystone of Project Management and Portfolio Management

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Organizations are beginning to recognize the comprehensive power that Resource Management has for addressing how to manage projects and project portfolios.

To put it simply, the daily operations of an organization revolve around executing initiatives to achieve the corporate vision. There are two criteria for meeting that end: doing the right projects and doing the projects right. Doing the right projects is the goal of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and doing the projects right is the goal of Project Management. These two entities, then, are the foundational basis for accomplishing the mission of your organization.

What makes Resource Management so powerful is that it lies at the heart of both PPM and Project Management. (more…)

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