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When to Kill a Project

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A willingness to kill projects helps organizations remain focused on achieving their strategic goals.

Many organizations balk at the idea of canceling an active project because of the mentality that canceling a project may be viewed as a sign failure. In fact, when an organization doesn’t have a formal approach to killing projects, this is a red flag that serves as an indication that the organization may not be following a well-documented and well-understood approach to project portfolio governance. A willingness to cancel projects when necessary helps organizations remain focused on achieving their strategic goals and the adoption of a solid project portfolio governance model is typically required for a project cancellation process to function smoothly.
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Customizing MS Project: Triggering Warnings When End Dates Change

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An out-of-box feature that has long been missing from Microsoft Project is the ability to set a target finish date when you are scheduling from the project start date. When you initially define your project in the Project Information dialog box, you normally choose to schedule from the project start date. This option does not let you choose a project finish date, and that field is automatically calculated outside of your control.

This post will demonstrate how you can “trick” MS Project into prompting a scheduling message if your project finish date changes. (more…)

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